Green Hope Promise

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Green Hope Cockapoos and Toy Labradoodle



                                        My promise is to treat all the
                                dogs at Green Hope ethically and
                                humanely. To me that means good
                                food, toys, dry beds, space to run
                                and play inside and out. They have
                                vet care and vaccinations yearly.
                                Every canine who lives at Green
                                Hope is my pet. Every puppy is kept
                                until a great home is found and the
                                mother's are NEVER over bred.
                                   To the present and future
                                owners of Green Hope dogs and
                                pupppies: I will NEVER breed lesser
                                quality dogs or place inferior 
                                canines in your home. I will
                                give you help for the life of the
                                dog and consider you part of Green
                                Hope's family.
                                   Quality dogs for Quality people.




May the God of Green Hope fill you with all joy...