Fighting Fleas
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Green Hope Cockapoos and Toy Labradoodle

FLeas bother all of us.

I have been concerned about the products we use
to fight fleas for a long time and want to take the time
to share some info I have found to be useful for my
puppies and dogs.

Soap and water kill fleas.
Wash your dog.
Wash pet beds and blankets regularly.
A flea comb may help too.
Vaccuming also helps to pick up fleas and their eggs.
If you have a flea problem in the carpeting or furniture,
steam clean. Professional cleaners can treat your carpeting
with antiflea mineral salt.
If you have a problem with fleas, try to
keep the puppies out of the bedroom. They
are harder to deflea.
Fleas like moist and shady areas in the yard. Keep
the grass cut and trim shrubs to let sun reach more
areas under them. Microscopic worms are available
to be placed in the soil which eat the flea larvae. Put
them in the favorite spot where your dog lays in the
Some flea products contain organophosphates and
carbamates. Both of these insecticides have
been linked to nervous system disorders and health
issues in humans. Exposure over a long period can
be damaging to children and animals.
Try to use safer insecticides like fiponil and imidacioprid.
Both are less toxic. Your vet may be of great help.
Use chemicals as a last resort. Fleas collars and
treatments are harsh for animals and people. They can kill
more than fleas.
To everything there is a season, even fleas.

This site may be of help locating alternatives for fighting those pesky fleas.

When I HAVE to use chemicals to
fight pesky fleas or lice, I use Revolution.
It covers ear mites, lice, fleas, internal
parasites like heart worms and hooks.
Sometimes you have to weigh the postives
and negatives and the treatment is needed. I
have been fighting biting lice for two summers.
I am ready to pull my hair out! They are so
annoying to my dogs and puppies. I just
keep working at the elimination. Sometimes I
want to give up!