My Journal of Life at Green Hope

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Green Hope Cockapoos and Toy Labradoodle

June 16, 20011
Life has been quite complicated the last few months and I apologize if you contacted me and I did not get back to you. Please give me another opportunity to help you find a puppy or an older cockapoo.
A couple days ago I closed my third grade classroom for the first time in 18 years. It was a wonderful journey; one filled with urban students, fabulous teammates, and much new learning for me. I am so grateful for the chance to teach again.
In April I flew to Florida and helped to bring my parents home. My mom had not been feeling very well the last few weeks; she had a doctor's appointment at home. She was in what appeared to be perfect health in November when they left for the winter season.
Her doctor found incurable stage 4 breast cancer and we, as a family, have been progressing through the grieving stages. She is in the middle of an alternative medical treatment and holding her own. Needless to say, this has been and is very difficult to even wrap my mind around.
I am beginning to get some facsimilie of balance again and it is easier since school is out. I go to see her every Friday night and stay til Saturday  afternoon. Those are precious minutes for me and I relish the time. Please remember my mom and her family in your prayers. There are 8 of us and our spouses, 11 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren and my dad. The legacy she will leave us is not monetary; it is of total acceptance, beauty found in flowers and making a home, the pure value of infants and children, and her faith that made her the best person in her family. This has been both terrible and trying but it has also cleared my vision and reminded me of what is true, good, and pure. Those things have One source and that Source is seeing me though.
finding peace in the tragic,

February, 2012
A lot has changed in my life and I have been gone from my cockapoo site for a year. In April of 2011 I flew to Florida to drive my parents back home to Ohio. It was to be the last time either of them would make the trip.
My mother had been ill since Christmas day and a large mass was found in her back on March 28, 2011. We spent the spring and summer trying different and alternative treaments for her cancer. On August 21 she passed away and my life became very empty to say the least. My dad lost his mate of 60 years and he became very angry and not himself.
He had beeen coughing for months but no medical diagnosis had been given at that time. He soon learned that he was in congestive heart failure. He died on January 13, 2012 of a massive heart attack.
I am trying to return to my earlier existence but have found that it will not happen. I am numb and sometimes lethargic but am keeping on. My children's childhood dogs both reached  old age and passed on. I am in new and uncharted territory for me.
My new puppies are a new beginning. I have several that are about 8 months. They are with my brother in Ohio; he lives close to my mom and I was spending time there.These litters are very small; lesss than 10 pounds and cute as a button. They are $300.

The labradoodles are F1b;s and also small, very beautiful and full of personality.I have really enjoyed them.
If you called me and I didn't get back to you, please accept my apology. I am just now getting back.
I will update  all pictures and this site this week.
February, 2011
Things have been so busy life and the change it can bring. The last post was 11, in July after a few days of rest at the beach. I spent 10 hours a day the next 7 weeks completing 9 credit hours for a Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages certification. Two days later I started a new position at the same urban school. It has been a whirlwind of new, exciting things.
I had decided to stop breeding and rescuing cockapoos but now that I have caught my breathe. . .I know I would miss the puppies and those who want to live with acockapoo too much.
I have a new litter! actually 2. I had a suprise on December 23, a little girl and boy. It was so cool to find them! Then one Sunday, January 29th, the black Lacee had her last litter. 8 little guys! I am hookled again. See them on the baby pages!
On another side of lfe my family has suffered some personal trauma, things that make life hard and precious at the same time. Misunderstandings and misjudgements. . .we continue to pray for healing for those who need it to stop hurting the innocent.
Hope your holidays were wonderful and lfilled with those who you love!
May your new year be more of good things,

Colin, Brittany and Jen. They did clear the water
for a hammerhead shark one day!

July 7, 2010
The summer is rushing by so quickly. I am finishing my ESL license by taking three classes this summer. I will be  when they are finished.
I have a few puppies left and as I suspected Valeree is due in about a month. These puppies are especially sweet. I think it is because the are older before we disrupt them from the litter.
Mike and I took his marching band staff to Myrtle Beach the first week of June. They work so hard for very little money and all of them are college students. We really enjoyed them. Poor Alex missed the trip because of his work schedule.
Hope all is well with you and you are taking time to enjoy this season,

July 2, 2010
Well, I made it though the end of the school year. It was 20 years ago that I had my last end of the year. I loved the English language learner students and it was wonderful to be back working with kids.
I will probably be in a primary classroom next year; I am so looking forward to it. The students are amazing at Fairfield!
There will be major changes here at GreenHope. I am leaving the work I love of raising of puppies and moving into rescue. I have had this on my heart of a couple of years and the timing seems just right. I have felt the burden of older displaced dogs for sometime; I have placed a few already. People know I have dogs and have asked me to help. I have several cockapoos and yorkies that need place right now.
I have several puppies that were born in the spring; that will probably be the last of puppies born here. There may be one more litter but  I am winding down. I have read about the plight of dogs in puppy mills and  unwanted dogs. I think that is where my dogs have led me. Several of my own lost their homes and I took them back. They could have been in shelters where they euthanize unwanted dogs and cats.
I feel good about my choice but it is indeed bitter sweet. I have met some wonderful people. And my dogs and puppies. . . I can't even begin to explain how much they have enriched my life and soul. If you have one of my puppies, you know to which I speak.
More on this later. For now, take care. Email me if you need me,
In his joy,

Emilee resting after surgery to remove her leg.

May 8, 2010
It has been a really nice spring. We have already enjoyed the pond. I try to sit for a few minutes everyday after school and give praises for all the beauty. We work so hard to get things done that sometimes I forget to just enjoy it all.
My school is one- third English language learners and is an inner city school. It has not made AYP (annual yearly progress) for the last 4 years and is being restructured. It is an amazing place and I have been so grateful to be teaching again. These kids are such troupers; they come from refuge camps and worse. They are learning content and language at the same time. Can you imagine how hard that would be?!
NO matter how you stack it, these kids belong to us. The U.S. school system. They are so grateful to be here and joy just radiates from them. It has been a wonderful experience.
Take care.
Find the joy in the journey,

April 22, 2010
My life is more than rich and full right now. I am really enjoying the classroom again. I have children from Thailand, Guatamala, Mexico,
Myamar, Vietnam- they are amazing children. Resiliant and joyful. . .
It has been a most enjoyable experience. My asistant principal is a student of mine from 30 years ago! She has really brought happiness to m life. It has been so much fun to see her everyday.
I have new puppies. They are 8 and 10 weeks old. They are really beautiful puppies. It might be that don't remember how pretty they are because it has been a few months since I have had pupppies- they are great looking little guys. I miss my dogs when I am at school. Leaving them for the day is the hardest thing about it.
I flew to Florida and drove my parents home in early April. My dad had a hip replaced was not well enough to sit behind the wheel. We stopped in Charlotte at my cousin's house and he had time to rest for a couple days. It was really nice to spend time with family.
I had a lovely homeschooling family from Texas come and take home my last pompoo. Garnet is now Ana and is being loved everyday. Their grandmother had bought Cole, an older dog, a year or so ago and I was able to see him and the new owners again. Really great people.
Hope all well with you and your family.
Take care,

February 25, 2010
Wow! The holidays are over and though it is snowing today, I can feel the spring coming soon.  I have  had a full life the last few weeks and a much needed slow down. It may have been a relapse from the surgery in the fall or just several events that wore on me a bit. My dad had surgery for hip replacement in January. I was a  little more stressed than I thought about it. He is 78 and did really well though; he was in Florida and that made it really hard. One of my sisters was able to make the trip and stay to help; that eased it a little. He is pain free and almost off the walker. He is a par golfer so that will be the lithmus test.
One of my little dogs had to have an injured leg removed a few weeks ago. that was so awful. She did better than I did; she is getting around great and doesn't even seem to miss it.
Life has taken a small toll the last few weeks. I have not been quite up to the task. I am better now. I will soon answer the emails and return phone calls. I have someone coming from Texas to Indy for a celebration this weekend and has asked to choose an older dog. Please forgive my ineptness!
The biggest change is that I have gone back to work. I has been 20 and 1/2 years since I taught. It is and English language learner position; I teach small groups of kids who are not proficient in English. I have little guys from Burma, Thailand, Mexico, and Guatamala. It has been great fun and a big suprise. I have a masters and 30 hours beyond; I also have 12 and a half years experience. It is a miracle that I was hired!

I do love the sunset here! We are so grateful!
Myrtle swims everyday, all day!

Two of my forever cockapoos,
Pickle and Danee-ella.; Angels in curls.

December 4, 2009. . .
My goodness the time has flown. . .It has gone so fast since my surgery.
Thank you. . .Thank you. . . thank you. . . all who sent emails and notes. I really appreciate those of you who were gentle with me as I struggled to quickly get on my feet.
Mike's band at Adams Central were able to get through their Reginal competition  and performed at State Marching Band finals at the Lucas Oil State Stadium. They did very well; out of 40 performing bands at state finals, Adams Central was the only band making a first appearance. We are very grateful for the opportunity.
We spent the Thanksgiving Day at my brother's house. We had a wonderful time with his two sons and daughter, wife Laura. The dis are all about the same age and don't get to see each other very often. We were figuring out how many of us are in school right now: Alex is a Religious Studies and Arabic major, Laura had just finished a B.S. in business a few days before, Rachel (my niece) is in Seminary school, Colin is studying music, Brittany is finishing cosmetololgy school, Rob(my nephew) just finished in May at Tiffin U, in education, My brother, Bo, is finishing a Principal's license, I am taking a secondary school reading class and will continue in Special Ed. next semester. Keep in mind- half of us are 50 or over! My sister's two girls are in college too! I am not sure what that says about us. . .
I look forward to the next few weeks. . .the Christmas story is such a sweet story. The characters simple but effective; so unselfish as they raised this baby and his brothers in a very difficult time in Roman rule. Every time I hear the story and savor in underlying meaning, I think of Mary and how she "pondered things in her heart." Strength in quietness. Eventually Joseph left the scene and she did it alone. There is so much to learn from this event; the fact that it includes a baby makes it . . . ----------------magic.
Happy Holidays! Love to you and yours. Be safe and filled with green hope in this special time of the year!

Mike is in the middle in the white sleeves.
The last time in 2009!

Brittan, Colin, Jen, and Alex
The staff at Adams Central.

The performance!

Adams Central Marching Band, 2009
Sweet Kids!

October 29, 2009
All is well here at Green Hope. It is beautiful with the trees and
landscape changing everyday. I am feeling much better after the surgery and think I will continue to get even better. The tumor was probably bothering me for years and I didn't even know it.
Thank you to all who were patient with me and prayed for my surgery success and recovery. I get my heari ng aids called cross aids on Friday. I hope they make a difference and I can adjust to them. I have found it really hard to find the sound with just one ear. I have been taking a class in reading for high school kids; I have found that I am really close to being disabled. I can't hardly followth discussion and I often get it wrong. Sometimes it even makes me dizzy when I am trying to listen so hard. It has been quite a quite interesting journey since my ear went deaf. 
Excitement is in the air here! Mike's marching band made state finals last weekend and your can cut the excitement with a butter knife. It is the first time in the history of the school and we are most grateful. He is marching 15 middle school kids and that makes it even more sweet. He has been there three years and  by this year they have been "Satterized." The little kids are all his from the beginning of their music lessons  and the 9-11th graders have only had him for high school. Our own kids are just as excited and are sure their "good luck chucks" had a lot to do with it! Mike, Colin, and Alex went to Lucas Oil Stadium on Monday for the directors' meeting and ended up on the horseshoe. This is going to be great fun. We are MOSt grateful to our Maker for the opportunity.

It 's somethimes harder to figure out who your
neighbor is than it is to love them!

This is my newfie, Whitney, she loves everybody!
My black newfie, Nana, died of luekemia last Feb.
I was going to breed newfies until I met my first

One of the pompoos, sweet, funny, small

September 27, 2009
I have been a bit under the weather as of late; I had surgery to remove half my thyroid and a golfball sized tumor last Thursday. Eveything went very well and I came home a week ago yesterday. I have cared for my dogs the last 4 days by myself, I think I am doing really well.  I am grateful that it was not cancer and I am on the mend.
I am sorry for the several people that called about puppies. I think by tomorrow I will be able to resume most of my people work.  Several are waiting to pick up a puppy, I will try to be available by this weekend.
Mike's band has competed the last three weekends and they are doing well. They won the show in Kokomo and came in second at Maconaquah to last year's state champion. His staff were really happy!
Chris, our youngest, is home from South Korea for a few days. He is being reassigned to a base in Texas. We as so happy he is on American soil, soon, however, he will be deployed.
I will be in touch with those of you who called just prior to the surgery and while I was down. I have several puppies still available and the ones that are already placed have done really well.
A last note, a very sweet couple bought one of the straight haired babies. In the course of conversation they shared a family tragedy that happened to them two days earlier. They are foster parents and were within just a few days of appearing in court to begin adoption of two precious little boys: 24 months and 18 months. The older fell and broke his leg, consequently, dcf removed both their sons pending an investigation. No one is talking to them, they have no idea if the little guys were even placed together. They are so very sad and scared; she told me how quiet and empty their house is without the boys. The man's named is Tony and he has asked anyone and everyone to pray for the quick reuniting  of his family.  I will keep you posted.
Blessings and take care,

September 4, 2009
We are having cool weather this fall and the Satterthwaites are really enjoying it. The dogs are happier and so are the humans.
I placed Samantha, the physically challenged Newfie, a couple weeks ago and she is doing really well. She has some adjustment issues but has started to eat again. Animals can do through a depression or homesickness when they are older and moved to a new home. She is really loving the 4 year old boy who lives at her new home.
I guess I am rescuing now; it just sorta happened. Colin rescued two boxer puppies from across the street. The mother had just strangled to death in the backyard. These little girls kept digging out and running over to him. When he returned them the first time, the guy grabbed them by the neck and threw them to his kid and told him to put them in the fence. Colin  gave the guy $50 a piece and took them. Colin is a college student; they don't have $100 extra dollars but he couldn't stand to watch it. I will put pictures on my rescue page in a couple days. They are very seet and love each other. Their bodies are totally boxer but their face looks a bit terrier. We think the poor mother was not full blooded. They are already house and crate trained at about 11 weeks.
Take care, enjoy the season and always look up,

Aug. 5, 2009
For us the summer vacation is over. Mike, Brittany and Alex started band last week and will continue 9a.-5p. until school starts.
It has been a great summer. We were able to finish the clean up from last summer and complete the pond, minus the grass which they will do in the fall. It is really an unexpected gift to be able to sit by the filling pond. We are very grateful for it!
I can feel myself being pulled back to the classroom. I am not sure where that will lead but I am open to it. "I always have been and always will be" a teacher. I have enjoyed tutoring the last few years, returning to the classroom to finish my English as a Second Language license and reading the new research about learning and teaching. I may sub in English Language Learners' classrooms. It will be fun to just be inside schools again...
The month of July was a little rocky for me though. I lost 100% hearing in my left ear and it is permanently gone. I go to see about a hearing aid in a few days. The directional issue is worse than the hearing loss; I can't find the source of the sound. The hearing aids will redirect the sound from my left hear to my right, like walky-talkeys! It should be great fun.
In the process of all the mri and ultrasound, the veins in my right arm were injured and I have phlebitius. A few clots but mainly just swollen, inflamed veins.
I am grateful my ear and arm are not a health battle like cancer or heart disease but just a bump in the road. All is well and I am so thankful. It could have been Mike, one of my three kids or Colin. My parents are doing well too. My mom broke her arm in June but it healed fine and she is garden in going strong.
My puppies have found interesting and wonderful homes the past spring and summer. I met just fabulous people and their kids. 
I read a new research finding this week: The women who are allowed to train rescue dogs in prison have a 5% return rate to prison. Last I read those in prison have a 75% likelihood of returning. Maybe we should close the animal shelters, put the rescue dogs in prison with those incarcerated and solve two social issues with one stroke of genius.  Wouldn't that be so similar to the original garden? Spending your days with beings  who are always happy to see you and love you no matter what.
Slow down, enjoy August, hug your family and pets. It all goes by so fast while we are just trying to get by. Thornton Wilder said it so well in his play, "Our Town." Take an hour and read it or watch the play. He was right on.
Blessings to you and yours,

"Our Town"

View of Lake Michigan out our window.

July 14, 2009
Lacee's litter have almost all been placed, as has Tate. They are doing well in their new homes and have lovely families.
Megan's litter of 6 are just incredible. They are moving and eating about a week early.
This is her first litter and she did very well in every aspect.
Katee had her litter and they are a beautiful, rich chocolate. I used a different male named Bear. I am always nervous when I try a new pair. She had six with no problems but the first 24 hours she lost 3 of them. One was a small female but two were large males. I am at loss to figure out what was happened. I moved her from the crate to the playpen. She may have needed more room but  nothing is conclusive. I am really blessed with the other three. They doubled in size the second day. I am always so relieved when the birth is over and the mother is safe. I have only ever lost one mother and I am not ever doing that again.
Mike and I were able to escape to Beaver Island in Lake Michigan a couple weeks ago. The ferry is the only way to get to the island and the popuation is very sparse. About 500-600 people. We have gone several times when the kids were little but the last time was 14 yrs. ago.
Still not very populated or built up. We stay at the Beaver Island Lodge and really enjoy the view and the cool weather.
We seem to always have what we call "adventures" when we travel. While napping one day, i found that I lost 96% of hearing in my left ear when I woke up. It's called SSHL. Sudden Hearing loss. Lots of reasons but usually not one is really given the credit. I am on high doses of steroids and have an mri tomorrow. About 4-5000 people experience this event every year. So far I have no hearing improvement.
It has been a very interesting experience.



Alex and Emmett helping the pond builders.

June 20, 2009
     Finally, nice weather and some outside time. The contractors built the pond this week. There was really a lot to do to get ready; I moved  some of my flowers and special rocks before they dozed everything out of the way, Mike and Alex put the deck back on after the tornado damage. They finished a couple days before the pond work.
      It was a feat of wonder to us who don't own equipment or do that for a living. In 4 days they were done and it is filling. We will really enjoy the water.
     Demi is fighting through her new meds. Sometimes with many prescriptions they don't mix. This happened to her; the side effects are as bad as the conditions of her illnesses. She is much better though. Thank you to all who sent up a prayer for her.
     Megan had her litter a couple days ago; I was a bit nervous because her mother had difficulty with her last litter. I kept her close, which I have learned is the key. She feels better being able to see me and I feel better being abale to see her every minute. She delivered 6 healthy, strong puppies without any trouble.

Megan just drank and slopped water on her face
and chin in this picture. Normally, she is beautiful.

Emmette and Mandy in Connecticut.
He lives with us now. We couldn't bare to part with him.

My friend, Denise, (I now have christened her Demi because the nurses last month told her she looked like Demi Moore. Course, she was in a coma, (you really know someone means it when they compliment you when you are comatose) is back in the hospital as of last night.  Her heart is acting up and her blood pressure is very high.
I am leaving to be with her in just a few minutes.
Our health. . . so fragile and so taken for granted most of the time. Please pray for her and her 4 children. She is a single parent.
Blessings to you and yours,

Danee, Brittany, Jeff, and Angelina Belle.
Danee, Jeff:cockapoo. Angelina:chihuhu. Brit::human

This past week I spent in the hopsital with my friend, Denise.
She has very serious chronic health issues. She is the single mother of 4 kids, three still at home down to 11 years old. With a common flu virus she srrived at the ER with virtually no blood pressure. In a couple days that issue was resolved but with a small complaint of a heaviness in her chest, they found a blood clot.
Our God chose to spare her life, twice this week. I am so grateful He did. He children had no idea how sick she really was. We kept them on track with their daily lives. School, soccer, church, homework. The oldest came home from college this weekend to help with the younger ones.
I am once again reminded how fragile all our lives are everyday and that we really have no idea what each day or hour will bring. It was a priveledge to sit with her and be her advocate this week.
Blessings for a wonderful week,

Carson's picture for Sarah. My hair blew in the
way! She wanted him anyway.

26 years on the 26th.

April 13, 2009
Mike and I celebrated our anniversary a couple weeks ago. We took a moment and had dinner and a movie. It was our 26th! Actually seems much shorter. Things never progress the way you think they are going to to go, he is getting ready to retire and I am getting ready to return to work.
Our entire married life he has left me do what I wanted to do: teach, then quit work to be with our little ones, adopt and older child, move from our home so I could raise my dogs, now I want to work when he retires. . . I am so grateful for him and our time together! More adventures on the way!
We had a great day on Easter! My family shared a noon meal after being separated for most of the fall and winter. My nephew's new baby, Dylann, is growing and his three year old, Hayden,  is creating and dancing with so much delight.
That is how I make time, by the growth of the children.
Carson, an older cockapoo, flew to Washington D.C. to begin his new life. He seems to be adapting and enjoying his new owner, Sarah. What fun to work with her to get him into her home.
I still have several older puppies and young dogs who ae available. I don't usually put them on my pages. Just a few of them are there. Email me if you may be interested in an older companion. I have King, Phoebee, and Achilles right now. Landon is still rather quirkie but is an option too.
Blessings until next time,


twenty six years on March 26th.
This was a photo use for a newspaper article..

March 18, 2009
The weather is much warmer here in Indiana; it seemed like a longer than usual winter. So many things are happening here. The barn that was destroyed by the June tornado was buried a couple weeks ago. The roofers have the roof almost replaced on the house and the carpenter is coming Friday to give an estimate on the deck. I am so thankful to have the property coming back together again.
I finally was given information about my hands. It is arthritis in my fingers but my wrist is not. It is an injured tendon. Really good news! The doc gave me a shot in the tendon; OUCH! He can also do surgery to repair it if the shot doesn't work. . . I am so grateful that I can keep my dogs. I have been so worried that it was  RA and I will become debilitated. A strong answer to prayer.
The puppies are going home really quickly. All the little reds are gone and only two black remain.  I know the economy is slow but people still need puppies and dogs in their lives. I know there are desperate times when it is completely impossible to maintain a lifestyle that includes animals.  Most people are willing to sacrifice to keep their animals. I met a young girl named Emily this week; she had a choice between going away for spring break or getting a puppy. She took home a puppy. The wisdom of children!
Ben Franklin said it is easier to live with books in times without money than it is to live with money in times without books.
I think it's easier to live with dogs without money than with money without dogs. The wisdom according to Geeg.
Blessings and it is my hope for you that you gather the wisdom needed in these desperate times.
Best to you and yours,
donna (Geeg)

Winter skies are gorgeous, aren't they?

March 3, 2009
The cold just won't go away! Usually I really like the snow and winter. But this winter has been so cold it makes my wrist and and hand hurt. They say no arthritis but my R.N. friend says you can test a false negative for 6 years! I have to find a specalist soon.
Last night I was chasing a cat who invaded the kitchen and fell over the baby fence. I was so irritated that I basically leaped at him and both feet  were perched on the fence. I fell like a rock and should have broken something. But I am just sore.
The Earth Sevices guys have rescued us here in what looks like a war zone.


Today they will bury it. When I look at the debrie, I can believe all that is in that pile. Bikes, car seats, rakes, straw, rocks, tin, milking equipment, snow blower, buckets, a van seat, fencing, basketball hoop, fireplace mantel, windows. . .
It makes me sad. I can't believe what it must feel like to have a tornado hit your house or kill your children and pets. I lost a lot of meaningless stuff, 5 old trees and one cat. My beautiful daughter was standing on the deck 30 seconds before the tree fell where she stood. It never touch the house other than the deck and roof.
We have so much to be thankful for everyday. I am more thankful that I know Someone else is in charge. It has been a really hard 4 years. It has been hard physically ( I had a surgery not go as planned and a longer than expected recover), emotionally (an emtionally dmaged child is so hard to love) and financially. (We had our house not sell for 3 and a half years. It just sold at Christmas. A very Merry Christmas inspite of the ice storm,  floods and no presents.)
I read a plaque yesterday that said, "Joy is not life without storms; it's learning to play in the rain." I have been learning to play in the rain. It is still sprinkling in my life but I am splashing; I know about rainbows. And I know what they mean.
I think I was supposed to learn something the last 6 months as I starred at all the destruction. There is much to learn.

Charlie and his new family

This week I met these beautiful children from Michigan. They were mouring the lost of their gerbil. Dad called; we met in a couple of hours.  Now their arms and life are more full than ever with pet love.
God fills us up especially after a loss.
Blessings to you and yours,

February 20, 2009

Carrying back drops for Britt's guard. We stopped
traffic when they blew all over the road coming home.

The time just keeps flying by. . . The holidays were a blurr and now Valentine's Day is gone too. My parents will be back from Florida the end of next month. I somtimes get to fly down and visit them but not this winter.
Here in Indiana the cold is back. What an interesting and wild winter we have had. Ice storms, snowstorms, rain, floods, and terrible winds.
The last last storm broke the posts of my privacy fence. I try to keep the dogs hidden when you come into my drive. I worry so much about thief. Small dogs are used bait in dog fighting. My dogs would make good bait so I try to make them as invisible s possible.
All are well here. My daughter's cosmetology training is going well and she goes on the floor in a week or two. Her winter guard is in full competition right now and she is gone several nights a week and all day Saturday. We all go and help; with Mike being the band director he would probably go anyway. Alex and Colin help with the floor which weighs over 400 lbs. The Independence Guard of Adams Central is conprised of girls from 3 different school systems. It is the only one in the state. The board had to amend the rules to allow her to compete. Last week they came in 4th out of 14.
Alex is about half way through his semester and is doing well. He has finally declared a minor: religioius studies. He is taking a course on the Kur'an and Eastern religion. He is thinkg something in the Chemistry field. I hope he teaches and coaches for a few years. I think teaching is the most wonderful life career. I am still trying to return though I am not sure what I will be teaching. I suspect those in power think I am too old and expensive.
Mike is very busy with spring concerts, conferences, winter guard and helping me keep up with the mini farm. Today he laying tile in the kitchen and had a basketball game tonight. Bless his heart, he goes from school system to working for me. He was thinking of retiring but right now in these times, he has decided to be thankful that he has a job.
Hope all is well with you and yours. Email me if you need me.

Tiny cockapoos. 9 weeks old

Thie litter will be about 5 lbs.

January 25, 2009
I went to my doctor on Friday. The test revealed that my
hands are not the result of rheum. arthritis; really good news
and an answer to prayer. She gave me a steroid shot and
from there we go to anti-inflam. on a more regular basis. I will
still have to downsize a bit. This makes me really sad. I will
have to think about this. If anyone knows someone who could
find joy in a young fixed adult cockapoo, email and tell me
about the home and family.
Brittany directs a winter guard that consists of students from
three high schools. Mike, Alex and I spent the day with her and
this performing group. What a treat! The activity is actually dance with props. There are 20 girls and 2 boys. It has been really fun
to watch these kids get to know each other.

January 22, 2009
I have been mesmerized by all that is going on in Washington. I found it all exciting and could not stop watching it. Whether we voted for the President or not, he belongs to all of us now that he is sworn into office. Our government needs to be bathed in prayer. We can all feel that the tide is turning; perhaps not for good. Time will tell.
I may have to drop my ESL class; I have had trouble meeting all the requirements to be accepted into the program. I couldn't find enough references who have seen me teach recently. NOw I have taken too many classes to be accepted before I am in the program. It has been really frustrating.
I have been having trouble with my hands for several months and they are certainly not better these last cold days. I know they have arthritis but I don't know if it is RA yet. The tendons seem to be involved also; one of my thumbs and now my wrist. This is really not good. I see the doctor again tomorrow. I may have to give up my dogs; I can't even imagine.

January 11, 2009
I went back to school last semester after 22 years; what a change from the last time I had been there. The technology made the experience so different! It actually was really much easy once I learned how to access the information and got used it. I am adding an
English as a Second Lanugage license to my Masters. After Chris left for the Army, I felt like I was ready to return to teaching. Parenting working with him was really taxing and I needed something really positive. Going back to education is really the ticket for me.  I did not realize there are thousands of children that don't speak English in our schools.  For now that is the need.
I will also be training to be a CASA. These people are court appointed advocates for foster kids. I have so much personal experience with wounded foster kids that I felt like I should use it for some good. If I can keep one kid from being separated from their sibs like Chris was from his sister, it will be put to good use. 
December, 2008
I have had so may people ask me to blog that it makes me dizzy. I didn't want to add another "thing" to keep up with at this time. However, the more I thought about it, the more it became a good idea. I wanted to share what has been happening in our lives but I have been so busy this last few months that I couldn't even keep up with this site. The logic answer was to combine them.
When Chris left for the army, I deecided to go back to school. I have not been in a classroom for 22 years but I know that is where my heart is. I tutor whenever there is a student that needs help; I don't charge a fee or hourly rate. I know it is a talent that I have and I just do it to help. Indiana Purdue universities in Ft. Wayne offers an English as A Second Lanaguage License that can be added to my masters. I took 9 hours this fall which is a lot considering I have not taken a class in 22 years. Two of the classes were methods so I have been very busy. It was really harrowing between November 14-December 17; I had 25 assignments due.
I wasn't going to do any Christmas shopping or decorating until after the 17th, I rested on the 18th. On the 19th an ice storm took out our power until the 22nd. I was not able to make contact with several people who wanted puppies or an older dog. On the 23rd a water pipe burst in my dog house and my dogs were under 6 inches of water. We worked long into the night. On the 24th an outside hydrant broke and flooded the kennel again. Another several inches of water. It took several hours once again to clear and dry the dogs and their beds.
We made it to Christmas day and yesterday, Alex and MIke were able to cap it and stop the flow.
 Christmas was smaller in gifts and we were more tired than usual but once the day began we enjoyed spending it with my sister Dianntha and her husband Dan; daughters Dayna, Delaney, and Dyanna. Proving that the gifts and preparation are just wrappings when compared to the people involved.

Colin, Brittany, Alex at Thanksgiving.

My great niece, Hayden and my mom.

Dylann, the newest family member and her dad,
my nephew, Drew at Thanksgiving.

All is well.
Have a blessed new year full of health and joy,

May the God of green hope fill you with all joy. . .