Boy vs. Girl puppy
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Green Hope Cockapoos and Toy Labradoodle

Which is best for your family?

My niece Booey and Sasha as a puppy.
Sasha, the perfect dog, a cockapoo.

   This is an interesting question and one that you need to ponder before you bring home your new family member. Each puppy is different in personality and activity level. Some puppies are more laid back and shy. Others are bolder and louder, demanding your attention and taking toys and chews from litter mates. I call these types "Cuddlers" and "Athletes." The titles describe the puppies fairly well. The cuddlers want to be with you and calm down, lay in your arms and relax. The athletes love you too but wiggle to get down and get on with the playing, romping, and explorations.
   The cockapoo breed is one that does not have a lot of differences in the male/female dogs. Especially if the puppy is spayed or nuetered as soon as your vet will do it. Usually about 4 months for males and 6 for females. Some breeds have noticable differences. Cockapoos can be gentle or rowdy, assertive rather than passive and more territorial than relational. I have read breeders who claim that females are a one person dog and males love everyone. I also have read that the female prowls the house and the male stays by your side.
   My experience with my own cockapoos has not revealed any major flaws or bothersome genetic tendencies in the male or female cockapoo puppy or adult. It makes me sad when I have a beautiful male puppy that is loving and sweet, someone calls me wanting a female and won't consider meeting him. I feel like the caller has really missed out on an opportunity to see and experience what could have been a family member.
   If you are considering a new pet, perhaps the personality of each puppy is more valuable in helping you decide rather than the sex of the puppy. I have "well read" new owners who tell me that the puppy will pick you if you sit still and let them come to you. I can attest to that. Sasha picked me as "her person" through a glass window in a pet store. I was there to buy food, minding my own business. Never even crossed my mind to buy a dog from a pet store. Never saw a cockapoo in my whole life. She stole my heart, I could not leave her there. She had been there about 5 months already; that should tell you how beautiful she was. Often pet stores dump unsold puppies at the local humane shelter. It was a miracle Sasha was still there. I would have taken her even if she had been male. That was 5 years ago. She has had 3 beautiful litters, still plays with toys, and I would never part with her. I am her person.

Brody went to Indianapolis several
years ago. He was a doll.

May the God of Green Hope fill you with all joy...Romans 15:13