Green Hope Contract
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Green Hope Cockapoos and Toy Labradoodle

Donna Walter Satterthwaite
3178 W 300 N
Bluffton, In 46714 Edit Text

Phone: 260-543-2097 Edit Text

Greenhope sales contract
1. If for any reason, buyer can no longer keep Cockapoo/labradoodle, buyer agrees to return puppy to breeder. No transfer of ownership will take place without notifying breeder and having written consent. Breeder may request to meet the "new owner" before agreeing to give such written consent. If at any time the breeder has information the the Cockapoo/labradoodle was transferred to a new owner or given to a adoption agency, breeder may take legal action at buyer's expense.
2. Cockapoo/Labradoodle will be a family pet, never to be left unattended outside.
3. Breeder guarantees puppy for 1 year against life threatening genetic conditions.
(Parasites, lice, worms, fleas, coccidia, girardia are not life threatening and are not guaranteed against. Though these things are annoying and I treat if they are found here;  they are your responsibility once the puppy leaves Green Hope. Puppies are notorious for eating and licking everything.)
This 1 year period begins at the signing of the Contract. In the event of unsatisfactory genetic health conditions:
a. notify breeder
b. submit evaluations to be seen by breeders vet. (vet cost at buyers expense)
c. breeder reserves the right to have puppy examined by vet of breeders choice.
d. If puppy is euthanized, both the breeder and owners vet must agree, and euthanasia is at buyer's expense.
e. Breeder agrees to replace puppy of equal quality at breeder convenience.
4. Buyer agrees to follow up with vaccines, heart-worm testing and proper veterinary care.
5. THE PUPPY shall not be used for breeding purposed unless otherwise specified.
6. If breeder suspects or proves severe neglect, breeder will take possession of puppy immediately.
7. The $250.00 is considered deposit toward the purchase of the puppy is nonrefundable.
Buyer's Signature
Buyer's phone and email address
Buyers address
Breeder's Signature
Deposit $________
Balance Due $_______
Limited ____