Grooming the cockapoo
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Green Hope Cockapoos and Toy Labradoodle

Green Hope Cockapoos are 3rd generation
or beyond. That means our cockapoos have
left the cocker and poodle heritage  behind.
They are pure cockapoos by now. Their health
is superior, as is, the temperament.
Here are a few tips concerning their
coat maintenance.

Achilles before.


1. Trim the hair from her eyes.                  
2. Brush her teeth.                                  
3. Remove excess hair from her ears
    and clean any wax. Smell them for
4. Trim hair from anus; this makes her
    easier to keep clean.
5. Trim under her chin.
6. Trim hair from between toes and
    pads of her feet.
7. Trim her nails. Look for dewclaws.

Tips on nail trimming.

I prefer to groom my own dogs.
They may not look professionally
groomed but they love me to hold
and touch them. It is like combing
a child's hair; it provides a time
of bonding if done regularly.