Why I Raise Cockapoos

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Green Hope Cockapoos and Toy Labradoodle

The puppies. . .
The kids. . .
                     fun. . .
                     love. . .

Toby and Miranda; a perfect match!
Beauty and beauty; both dolls.

Shorty the cockapoo with Charity and friend.

Going to Ohio with twins. Double the fun.

Carson and Emily with their first cockapoo.

Healthier, happier, and well adjusted: that's what children who live and care for animals feel, claim some child psychiatrists.  Dogs give unconditional love and have a calming effect on humans. Dogs are used with emotionally disturbed children and chronically ill patients. The effects are well documented. Cruelty to animals is sign of an emotionally ill child. Children with bonding issues sometimes can begin to learn to trust by first caring for animals. One  kid  told me that when he is angry just hugging a dog makes "it" go away.

Peyton and Zoee and their girls.
Indiana Angels with their angels,

Wrigley's first birthday.
Fishers, Indiana

Litter mate to the birthday boy with his boy.

Holidays with Wrigley.

Charlie in Michigan with his new family.
Charlie helped ease the lost of another pet.

An Connecticut doll with her Emmett.
Emmett lives with me now.

Sometimes I think this is close to how it was in the Garden of Eden before the fall.
There are no words to express my joy
when I see the pictures. I love my dogs!
They love their people!