The Satterthwaites
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Green Hope Cockapoos and Toy Labradoodle

Our Story
A large portion of our
lives is surrounded by
my husband's work with
high school kids and
their parents.
I watch as my family give
these kids the best they
have to offer. I am so proud of
them when I see them value the
kids more than the product.

Whose says you can't pray in public school?
Mike with his band.

We are fortunate that Indiana
is a big marching band state. It
allows us to work with a lot of different
This activity has given my husband the
opportunity to serve kids who have never belonged
to a sports team or been valued as a group member.
The church youth group is not the only arena
that one can help kids. We are indeed grateful
for this situation.

Mike and I have been married 27 yrs.
We have three children: Brittany, 24;
Alex, 22; Chris, 20.

Mike and Alex

Jen on the left, has been with us since grade 9.
She is 27 now and still works with guard.

Jen was one of Brittany's
guard instructors when
she was in Mike's band. She
was a preschool teacher
and not very happy. She took
a couple years and turned
her Associates into a Bachelors
in Occupational Therapy.
Back with us again;
she and Brit work together.
Brittany has started a
combined winter guard
this year; 19 girls and 2
guys are from three local schools.
It has been fun as them
begin to make new friends
as they compete together.

Colin does visual during marching band.
He is at Indiana U studying music.

Colin and Brittany have dated
several years. He began working
with us during marching band
a couple years ago. He is now
studying to be a band director;
we are very proud of him.

Alex and his drumline.

Mike and I are  educators and will probably always be whether we are employed  as such or not. We believe one should contribute where we are planted and help when opportunity presents itself.  I have seen my husband save inner city kids with music and now I watch my daughter do it with guard in his band. Our oldest son is interested the wounded  child and  the antisocial in our society, He is headed that way in his schooling at IPFW  in Ft. Wayne . Our youngest struggles to overcome the deficeits left him by former irresponsible, selfish adults in his life. He suffers everyday with anger and the need to control so he feels safe. There is much need in our world. We, the Satterthwaites, do our small part to better our corner of the earth. We live by the belief that everyone can do something that fits your talents and gifts.  
What you do for the least of these, you do for me.   
Even a cup of water. . .           Jesus                  
Most resently, we are
sponsering a little girl from India. Her name is
Amrutha; her mother died in child birth. As a result of her step- mother's abuse, she was placed in orphanage- home. She was saved from being sold to a temple priest for sacrifice or to a brothel by the grace of God.  We have sponsered another child from the same village. I don't have any details about her yet. WE are so blessed to have found them.
        Religion that God considers pure, is caring for the widow and orphan in their distress.                  
 James, brother of Jesus

Brittany is our oldest; Colin her bfriend.

Alex is our oldest son; with my parents.

Brittany and Colin at a birthday celebration.

Alex with Sasha.

Brittany and Alex after a band competion.

Chris and Brittany.

Mike is a professional musican and
a band director in a small country
school in Adams County. Three years ago
ago he moved from an urban high school
in Ft. Wayne after 26 years.
We met when we taught together in a new fine
arts magnet school. It was a wonderful
teaching experience! But after we married
and had Brittany and Alex, I just wanted
to be home with them.

Later, when I should have been
returning to the classroom,
we heard about an 8yr.
old that was being separated
from his siblings and adopted
alone. After 3 weeks of wrestling
with the ethics of this, we called
and asked to be considered as
his new adoptive family. After Chris joined
our family, it became clear that I needed to stay
home unitl he went on his way.  That was
12yrs. ago.

Chris left for the army March '08.
Alex is a student at Indiana
University in Ft. Wayne, a science-math
major; a Religious studies minor.
Brittany is instructing and writing 
for 2 local guards while attending
cosmetology school.

The dogs were something that
my vet suggested to me. It was a
new idea and one that I knew I
would really enjoy.  I started
with Yorkies and Newfoundlands,
but the cockapoos found me. It has
been an interesting journey. I have met
lots of great dog lovers from lots of
different places.
I have cockapoos in Connecticut,
Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois,
Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan,
Nevada, New York, Ohio, North Carolina,
Texas, Washington D. C., and Sydney, Australia!
It has been my pleasure to place great dogs
with great people from many places!

Thank you to all who love my dogs.
I work very hard to ethical and humane
to my dogs and their new owners.